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New products and restock

It's April 4th, and as announced on my social networks, today is the day of the Shop Update! I've been waiting for this day for so long now. It has taken me a couple of months to design all these new products, safe enough money to invest in it's production, deal with manufacterers, quality control, count stock, create all the listings in the website... But the day has finally come and I can proudly present you all the new stationery designs, new products never seen before in my shop and restocks of your favourite items that were sold out.

This time around I came up with two new products, list pads to keep track of all the mail you send and receive. Did it ever happen to you that you need to send out postcard swaps, letters you need to answer, shop orders if you have a business, birthday cards, even those important documents you won't like to forget about shipping? Then this list pad will make your life easier having everything at one place, and checking things out like in a to do list! 

Same happens with mail to receive! You are waiting for postcard swaps, letters from penpals, that order from your favourite small business. You won't forget ever again the mail you need to receive so you can double check on that in case it takes too long to arrive (which is common now in this pandemic times).
My favourite product in this shop update are these letter writing sets! It took me ages to pack them one by one, and they are made with lots of care and love. Each letter set includes 12 A5 letter paper, 4 different designs, 3 sheets each. Letter paper is lined in one side and fully printed on the back. 4 matching envelopes with 4 different designs. 4 postcards, all of them with the same designs, and a sticker sheet! All the items are exclusive and you won't be able to get them out of the letter set. There are two different designs, mail and botanical. I couldn't choose which one I like the most!

There are more things in this shop update apart from the new products. 7 brand new washi tapes and 12 restocked designs. I changed my washi tape manufacterer this time around and quality is so much better! I'm in love with how they are now and I bet you will as well. That's the reason behind the little rise in price, as they were three times more expensive to produce. However I have only rised 50 cents per washi to keep them affordable for you. Here is a comparission with the old and new washis!

We also have 12 brand new sticker sheets and 18 restocked designs, as well as 6 new letter pads and 7 restocked designs. Talking about postcards, 14 new postcards are coming to the shop this time! And not forgeting about 4 new vinyl stickers and 2 restocked ones, and 6 new wax seals and 1 restocked design.

The two main collections in this shop update are 'Birthday' designed by Carolina Vieitez from @vieeitez and 'Mailboxes & Mail' by Kimberly Paige from @kimberlypaigedesigns

As you can see there are a lot of new things in the shop and I hope you can all find something you like! Snail mail and journaling wasn't ever this fun with all the fun goodies to play with! 

And to make things even better, for the first time ever I'm offering free standard shipping in Ireland orders over 80€ and international orders over 120€. Unfortunately I can't offer free tracked shipping, but so far 95% of you have always chose standard shipping, so that shouldn't be an issue. 

That's all for today, I will stop rambling and let you get to the fun discovering all the new items. Happy shopping!


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