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If you have landed here you may ask yourself who am I and what I'm doing writing. Maybe you already know the answer to the first question, but let's do a brief introduction for everyone who doesn't.

My name is Paula and I'm a snail mail passionate, stationery hoarder and small business owner. I left my full time job in October 2020 to dedicate full time to my biggest passion, but let's leave the story of "how I became a small business owner" for another post, shall we?

I'm a 26 years old Spanish girl living in Dublin, Ireland, since 2018. I studied Engineering at University and once I finished my degree I moved to Ireland to get out of my comfort zone, improve my English skills, find a job and live with my boyfriend after more than a year on a long distance relationship. 

I found my home in this little island. The landscapes, the people, pubs and live music, roadtrips, quality of life... everything but weather is amazing here, and you also get used to that after all. Sunny days are enjoyed like no other.

I started the hobby of letter writing when I was just a kid, and this has certaintly shaped who I am. Nowadays I spend my life connecting people all around the world, bringing you all fun and inspirational content, designing and selling stationery to make your mail stand out, and most importantly, trying to keep the art of correspondence alive.

Now that I have designed my own website and shop, why not starting a Blog to document my journey, share more inspirational content with you, and grow this beautiful community. I see this is as a great opportunity to connect more with my audience and create content that I couldn't share on Instagram (@penpaling_paula).

So after this introduction, you are now officially welcome to Penpaling Paula's Blog. It's your turn to take part on this milestone! Let me know in the comments what kind of content you would like to see in this Blog so I can start working on it. 

Without your support I wouldn't be able to live my dream, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.



  • Congrats on pursuing your dream full time! It looks so lush and green that side, always dreamed about the rolling hills.

    Fellow stationery hoarder from Cape Town

    Nabeelah Patel
  • Great post Paula ! I didn’t know that you studied engineering. I’m looking to read more blog posts :-)

  • Thank you for doing what you do with so much grace and creativity.

    Evie wride
  • Wuaooo!!! Amazing work Paula so creative and inspiring, looking forward to see a bit more behind the scenes 👏👏👏

  • Thanks for the intro! Look forward to the next instalment 😄


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