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What to write in a postcard

Have you ever asked yourself what to write in a postcard? Postcards are not letters, they have very limited space to write on, per so it has to be a little but meaningful message. Don't fear the blank space, here I give you some ideas!

  •  Write about what it is in the postcard: Has the postcard a beautiful illustration? Write about the artist of it and what are your feelings about the art. Is it a touristic postcard? Explain the other person the history behind the monument or landmark that is shown.⠀


  •  Write about your city or country: Not everyone has the luck to travel everywhere in the world, or even they prefer to "travel the world" through postcards, so a good idea is to write something interesting about the history or culture of your country or city, Even you can write about a tradition or your gastronomy. Learning through postcards is one of the coolest things!⠀


  •  Funny fact: Write a funny fact about you, where you live, etc. For example, I love to tell people that in Ireland, the country where I live, there are more sheeps than people!


  •  Poem or lyrics from your favourite song: Do you have a favourite song? Share the lyrics of it with the other person! I also love searching for poems according to the season we are at and sharing them with my recipient. You can even share a cooking recipe!⠀

  •  Write about your day: You can always write about your day, how it was, what did you do, did something special happen, how did you feel? Writing about emotions is always meaninful and special.⠀

  •  Recommend a book, a movie or a TV show: Are you always searching for new books to read or movies to watch? Sharing recommendations of them by postcards is another fantastic thing to do.⠀

Do you have any other ideas of what to write in a postcard? Share them in the comments, get a pen and a postcard and start writing!

Thank you so much for reading,



  • Oops, I m loving your stuff!!! Looking for food and drinks postcards

    Mariam Ortega
  • Oops

    I LOVE food and drink postcards can you please refer me to where I can get stickers too!? Not too expensive though I'm very low income

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