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Stationery Advent Calendar - Pre-Order

Stationery Advent Calendar - Pre-Order

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Welcome to the first Stationery Advent Calendar from @penpaling_paula!

In this calendar you will find 12 exclusive washi tape designs and 12 exclusive sticker sheets. Every item will be individually wrapped in a paper bag with a number 1-24 on it so you can open one bag each day of December until Christmas Day and start getting the excitment for the most magical time of the year!

All the products included in this calendar are exclusive, never seen before, and specially designed for it. Items won't be reprinted or sold in the shop afterwards, only leftovers if some.

Items will have a mix of thematics, not only Christmas. So you will be able to find stationery for all year long in this calendar!

Price includes shipping costs worldwide. Retail price of 12 washi tapes and 12 sticker sheets is 72.4€ and shipping costs are around 15€, so you will get a pretty good deal with this calendar!

This item is a pre-order. Calendars won't be shipped until late October/early November.

This item can't be shipped together with other products from the shop.

Pre-orders will close on September 4th.

Hope you will like this new product as much as I do!